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GameSalad Creator 2.0 - Custom Collisions and Physics Body Editor

tholdertholder Posts: 15Member, PRO

Hello everyone. I just started using the GSC 2.0 and am busy teaching the new creator to my students. I'm doing a lesson on custom collisions using PBE (Physics Body Editor) and on the local GSC 1.0 I can select "Custom" under the physics attributes for an actor and it pops up a window to nav to the JSON file I've created using PBE. However, in the GSC 2.0 when I do this, I can select "Custom" but nothing pops up to nav to a JSON file. Does anyone know why?

Has this not been fully implemented yet in GSC 2.0? Alex, from GS, suggested using PBE when I asked about future implementation of a custom collision feature built into right into the new GS 2.0 engine. I'd assumed he was stating this because the custom collision is indeed working yet I cannot get it to work.

If anyone could please shed some light I would much appreciate it.


  • Two.ETwo.E Posts: 437Member, BASIC


    I haven't been able to get custom collision working yet. Just like your experience, there is an option to select Custom, but nothing happens. Not sure if I am messing a step, or they have changed the way it works.

    Your next step would just to get back in contact with Alex and confirm if it is added feature available or currently just a placeholder.


  • DaddyMagicDaddyMagic Posts: 34Member
    edited January 21

    custom collision shapes has never worked not even on the Windows version for the last 3 years, don't expect the bug to get fixed anytime soon if ever.....sad.

  • tholdertholder Posts: 15Member, PRO

    DaddyMagic. It does work with GS 1.0 on the PC. I'm not sure on the Mac. If you're using a PC download, unzip, and open up the zip file I've created and see for yourself. It certainly does not work on Creator 2.0 though that's for sure. The only way I did get it to work within the 2.0 online environment was I published my Custom Collisions game and then went to my Published Project Library ( and chose to import the published game into the creator 2.0 library. It ports over fine and everything works when playtested. Doesn't fix the fact though that if you choose custom collision nothing happens.

  • AlchimiaStudiosAlchimiaStudios Posts: 950Member, PRO

    Works great for mac too, use it for all sorts of things.

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  • DaddyMagicDaddyMagic Posts: 34Member

    It's a confirmed bug going on well over a year now on Windows:

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