Game not showing on Iphone/Safari

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Hello! I published a game to html5 platform and i embedded this in a wordpress website. It is a kind of floorplanmaker. It works great on PC, Mac and Ipad. But not on Safari with Iphone. When i open the website in Google on Iphone it does work. Is there something i can do to make it work on Safari/Iphone too? Thank you!


  • awesome_wellsawesome_wells Member Posts: 37

    Link isn't working at the moment @sander3345 so I can't check on my iPhone.

    Maybe a stupid question, but have you checked javascript etc. on your Safari settings? Do other apps on the GameSalad arcade run on the iPhone in question?

    Website below should tell you if there are any elements that iPhone safari isn't compatible with.

  • sander3345sander3345 Member, PRO Posts: 3

    Thank you @awesome_wells. Maintenance for the website was still on. It 's off now. The htm5test link does not work on my iphone. It says: test has failed, operation insecure...

  • awesome_wellsawesome_wells Member Posts: 37
    edited January 2018

    Your app (and the html5 test link) is working on My iPhone 6 safari running iOS 10.

    Maybe it is your safari settings? Is javascript enabled?

    -Edit, also working on my iPhone 6S safari running iOS 11.

  • sander3345sander3345 Member, PRO Posts: 3

    Thanks for checking!! I updated the IOS and now works! I feel stupid....Thanks again:-)

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