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Thank you GameSalad - And good bye

BigDaveBigDave Posts: 2,239Member

2013 I became a full time Indie developer with gamesalad as a base.

I could not write any kind of code but I wanted to create my own mobile games.
By now I published around 50 mobile apps - done with gamesalad. Not only that! It paid my bills!

Tough I realised the limitations and issues I could not overcome/fix myself. So October 2017 I started learning Unity and C# programming/scripting. So much that I learned with gamesalad came in handy. It helped me quickly understanding the basic concepts of C# by putting them both in comparison. And even gave me a entry point to the more complex methods/structuring later on.

I can still suggest Gamesalad as a great entry point into game development.
But after 5 years it feels like a matter of personal development to move on.

I am grateful for all the mentors via youtube and within this community that helped me so much along the way.

Good bye guys,

Big Dave

Today we released the Orcs remake Orcs X. Build from scratch in Unity.
It will take a while to fill it with the same amount of content tough.


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