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GameSalad can't open one of my old folders

Hi everybody!

Around 4 to 5 years ago I created some apps with game salad and now I started using game salad again but it opens some of my apps but there are some that won't open and obviously those are the ones that I need...
Can someone please help me with this?


  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 403Member, PRO
    edited February 5


    After copying/duplicating the old project file you'd like to open right click on one of the copies and select 'Show Package Contents'.

    You'll see a few folders and files. Delete the .gsuser file and .gsproj file. Those two files get automatically created when GameSalad saves and closes a project. Now try to open it in GameSalad.

    If that doesn't work, might have to grab an older copy of GS Creator. Since, I think, this website is no longer hosting older versions, someone in the community might be able to share an older GS creator.

    Might can even just edit the version numbers in info.xml I'm not sure how those properties affect creator's ability to open the file but something to atleast try on a copy.

  • RichardBrownRichardBrown Posts: 40Member, PRO

    Thanks Man but it still doesn't open some folders.

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