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Display text issue - max out at 20 actors with display text?

jrj.clarkjrj.clark Posts: 17Member, PRO

I'm creating a new actor (for the purpose of troubleshooting this issue) and then adding the "Display Text" behaviour to this actor. I add this actor to my scene and run the game. But the actor doesn't display the Hello World message. I'm not making any changes to the actor (except adding the Display Text behaviour) and no changes to the behaviour itself. Any ideas what's gone wrong?

I do have other actors in the scene where Display Text is working fine. The issue first came up when I created copies of the same actor and changed an attribute within these copies to find a different value in a table to display. The first actor displays the text, but the others don't. I have then been trying to troubleshoot the issue making changes to these actors. But I've gone as simple as creating a new actor with no changes to the Display Text behaviour and still can't see what's going wrong.

There are a total of 20 actors within the scene where the Display Text behaviour is working fine. It's just the most recent actors I've added that don't show it. Does GameSalad max out at having 20 actors displaying text?


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