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Broken Project - The project is in a broken state and may not function correctly

dapiondapion Posts: 353Member, PRO

Today I switched from creator 1.25.85 to 1.25.88.
When I opened my project I received the following error message.

"The project is in a broken state and may not function correctly."

Does anyone know what exactly that means?
The project was open and so far I have not found any errors.


  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Posts: 1,543Member

    This normally means you have self attributes that have become broke. You can normally click ok and simply check your unlocked actors for where the broken actors are (as the field will be empty!)

  • dapiondapion Posts: 353Member, PRO

    it works finally good.
    Have not seen any broken/self attributes so far.

  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,165Member, PRO

    I’ve never seen that warning. Not sure I would laugh or cry.
    Glad you figured it out.

  • borabora Posts: 36Member, PRO
    edited February 11

    yesterday GS 1.25.88 Crashes my project.

    1. I work at my Table
    2. I import a new graphic - (restore an older with it)
    3. I press the preview button.

    GS got stuck and a Mac loading spinner is shown. After 5-6 minutes i must use "Force Quit" and select GS to quit.

    After i open my Project again, everything was lost. Really - i have a 0 Bytes project.

    OK i have Backups and can use a 3 days old Backup but

    1.25.88 is a HORROR UPDATE for me

    i Reinstall 1.25.84 and work with this version

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