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Random errors from table cell value function?

scottwoodscottwood Posts: 66Member, PRO

Is there a known bug with this function? If so, is there a known work around?
I'm using the table cell value function to select text values from a table, most of the time it works fine, but it's not showing the correct value every time. Has anyone come across this problem before and can advise how to deal with it?
You can see the same problem on this youtube video at around 22:30.
The issue is resolved in the video by just changing the contents of particular cells to match the error.
To randomise the placement of values from the table I've structured my logic stack differently so that option is not open to me.


  • Two.ETwo.E Posts: 451Member, BASIC

    No. I imagine the creator of that video simply did not use the function correctly.
    Referencing a table value is as simple as it gets. The Table will not "Randomly" decide to show you a different value.

    It simply means your logic is referencing the wrong row.
    Are you seeing a similar issue?


  • scottwoodscottwood Posts: 66Member, PRO

    Yes, I’m seeing the same problem. My logic stack is more complicated though as I’m also using a second table and a random function when my comparison is made.
    Having slept on it, I think the problem may be that the same operation is setting the value of variables whilst simultaneously trying to use them. If the code is run exactly as it appears then all is fine, but maybe the game engine is applying one part of an instruction and using the old value of a variable before the change in the variable has been registered. I have not tried any of this out yet though. I’ll update this post once I’ve rewritten my logic stack to separate the components that were previously done together.

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