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Posting GameSalad to Testflight for Multiple Testers

Hi Guys,
PLEASE HELLLLPPP!!! As I am new to GameSalad I am having a huge amount of trouble just to post my game to GameSalad for TestFlight testing purposes. I have been told in a previous thread that I can side load my game to my iOS phone but I am not sure of the exact steps to do this.
I would like to test the game through TestFlight and then have it posted to the App store once the testing is completed. I would appreciate someone sending me the exact steps to follow as I am tearing my hair out as I have tried multiple different things to make it work but each time I use the App Loader through Xcode it comes up with an error.
1. Which Certificate should I choose within the iOS Developer web site? Development or Production.....and which one under either of those headings????
2. I have created an App ID using the same Bundle ID as my Game Salad game and iTunes Connect.
3. Was I supposed to create a new App in iTunes Connect before trying to upload my game to Apple?
4. What type of Provisioning Profile should I use within the iOS Developer web site? Development or Distribution.....and which one under either of those headings.

This whole process is extemely confusing for a first timer but once I have successfully completed the first upload I'm sure it will all go smoothly from there.
Is there a video showing all the steps?

Thanks in advance for anyone who would be willing to help me.


  • mscherermscherer Posts: 30Member, PRO

    I have been told that as an alternative I can side load the game directly to my phone. Although I would prefer to use Test Flight with multiple testers how would I go about side loading my GameSalad game to my iPhone?

  • BBEnkBBEnk Posts: 1,764Member

    plug your device into the computer, open Xcode, click on "Window" in the menu bar, click on "device and simulators", your device will show up, and where it says installed apps drag your file there it will then install onto the device use an AdHoc build.

    don't forget to create the Payload folder as I said in your other thread before you drop it on the device.

  • mscherermscherer Posts: 30Member, PRO

    Thanks all worked as you explained.....I still would like to know how to post to Test Flight if anyone can let me know

  • awesome_wellsawesome_wells Posts: 37Member

    This video does a good job of the whole process, start to finish.

    The iTunes connect interface has changed a little since this video, so the layout is a bit different in places, but all the steps are there.

    Hope it helps!

  • mscherermscherer Posts: 30Member, PRO

    Thanks very much awesome_wells & BBEnk

  • coupons.valcoupons.val Posts: 5Member, PRO

    Can iOS apps be published to testflight from a Windows PC?

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