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Finally the game is out! Feels like I have been working on it forever!

ElemetAppsElemetApps Posts: 54Member, PRO

Hey guys! Here is a game that I have been working on for a long time. It's been close to 2 years I think. I would just work on it when ever I had time. I do a lot of TV show and commercial producing, so every now and then. lol. Attached is a commercial that I made for it. Let me know what you think! Thanks!
Apple Download
Android Download

Here is the commercial


  • ElemetAppsElemetApps Posts: 54Member, PRO

    I guess I forgot to describe it above, the point is to save the Earth from the meteors by tapping them, then perks will randomly fall to help you save the Earth. Here are some screen shots of game play to.
    save the

  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 461Member
    edited February 2018

    @ElemetApps Awesome! I'm stoked for ya. Nice to finish up a long and polished project. I can see the hard work behind this. The commercial is top notch as well. Can't wait to check it out :mrgreen:

  • ElemetAppsElemetApps Posts: 54Member, PRO

    It really is nice. Thanks @RowdyPants ! Let me know what you think of the game when you play it.

  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 461Member

    @ElemetApps Initial reactions - it's easy to pick up, it's fun, really nice explosions, and I'm terrible...high score of 25 baby! :blush: I put it on my iPhone SE and my Galaxy S4 - runs great on both. I like the music, the slow spinning earth, the starting tutorial (and the ability to replay it later), and the gameplay mechanics in general. The info popups with the white text are helpful and easy to see except on the help page that is filled with many little text boxes explaining everything. Those letters were getting pretty small. The 'pause button' text was microscopic :lol:

    I can be a bit obsessive but since I think this next part will be easy to fix and add value I want to point out a few text-ish things.

    On 'Welcome to Meteor Taps tutorial!' screen -- *Let's
    On 'Earth Barricade Perk' screen -- more *than once
    On 'Practice Round' screen -- *Try to stop
    On 'Waves' screen -- *Meteor *Tap's
    On 'Waves' screen -- there will be pauses between *waves *waves to give...
    On 'Meteor Power Bonus' screen -- and *cannot be

    On '?' screen -- 'This is your inventory. Tap on them to activate perk.' Just awkward sentence. Might could be 'These are your inventory slots. Tap them to...'

    On '?' screen -- 'This shows how many meteor power you have.' Awkward sentence again. Could be 'how much meteor power you have' or 'how many meteor charges you have'.

    On '?' screen -- 'Activate 2 turrets and the cost of 10 meteor powers.' Makes more sense if it's 'at the cost of 10 meteor powers.'

    While playing the tutorial on the android version, right after 'Practice Round' text I used the barricade ability, a meteor came down and broke it, then no more meteors came and the game was in a stuck state. The earth, moon, and sun were still animating but there weren't any buttons available to push and I had to quit out.

    The 'Start' and 'Ready' buttons were confusing to me at first. I thought they both were for starting the game but then one was just to show the bonus was ready. Might could make the 'bonus ready' button either say bonus on it have a picture of the bonus spinner lit up or with a green light or something indicating it's ready just to differentiate it a bit from the actual Start button.

    I think the built-in perks are awesome and fit well! I like how the turret is progression based so that every so often it's up and available to use. I also like how the perks are actually different and don't all just kill everything but in slightly differing ways.

    Last visual note is on the grey buttons with grey text. It helps throw the button into the background and make it less important than the black text buttons but I think the grey letters might be a bit too subtle as it takes me a second to read them each time.

    I love the sun and moon flying around causing eclipses and even the light on the earth moves to show day and night. That's a really beautiful touch! :heart:

  • ElemetAppsElemetApps Posts: 54Member, PRO

    Thanks @RowdyPants ! Thats helps a lot! That timing and the hole system for the Earth, Moon and Sun was crazy to make. It took a very long time! Thank you for noticing! Im excited to see where this game goes!

  • phamtasticphamtastic Posts: 354Member, PRO

    Very nice... going to download and try it

  • ElemetAppsElemetApps Posts: 54Member, PRO

    Thanks @phamtastic ! Let me know what you think about it!

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