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Help - How to get ads to display not every time

Currently I have this coded: See Attached Image.

Is there a way to have an ad show up after lets say the user clicks this button 5 times and not have the ad show every single time they click it? Or is it not possible?

Thanks for your help in advance


  • indra.azizindra.aziz Posts: 79Member, PRO
    edited February 2018

    I'm not sure it's possible to do this with just this behavior. Maybe there's a way around this though, haven't tried myself but, I think it should be like this:

    Make a new integer attribute that updates +1 every time the touch is pressed.

    And then in this actor make a rule that says if that attribute's value is 5, and use the change scene behavior that shows the ad inside this rule block, and then clean up by changing the attribute back to 0, below that in the else, use the change scene behavior but without the ad.

    This way the game will check the attribute value each time it is pressed, and only use the one with the ad if the attribute value is 5.

    I hope that can work. I'm still learning myself. Good luck.

  • indra.azizindra.aziz Posts: 79Member, PRO

    Maybe like this. I hope somebody more advance can help.

  • salino2835salino2835 Posts: 76Member, PRO

    Ok, awesome thank you so much. Ill give this a try later today

  • JapsterJapster Posts: 672Member

    Just to add that you'll need to reset your 'Click' count/attribute after running your ad, to repeat the logic, but yep, @indra.aziz 's example is a nice easy way to do it! :smile:

  • salino2835salino2835 Posts: 76Member, PRO

    @indra.aziz sorry im just responding now but thank you so much, your easy to follow instructions and screenshot really helped my issue!

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