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Non Game Apps Built with GS

indra.azizindra.aziz Posts: 75Member, PRO
edited February 2018 in Announce Your Game!

Has anyone here published apps built with GS that are not a game? I'm curious because I myself published three non-game apps from GS. My experience working on these apps with GS was wonderful, from scratch to publishing. I'm a musician so these apps are music related. I learned GS from zero through the GS Academy tutorials on this website (big applause to the instructors! @jamie_c @Braydon_SFX @bowlboy, @The_Gamesalad_Guru, The lessons are very easy to follow) and on YouTube, and from asking tons of questions on this forum (and always get a clear answer from the community, like @tatiang who answered every one of them, thank you!).

For the vocal warm up app building logic, I used @Armelline's music player I bought from the GS marketplace.

If you have published or are planning to make a non-game app, please reply to this thread, I'd love to know, I'm sure many people are too. I've seen Gamesalad mentioned on some articles about making an app for non-programmers, like this androidauthority article.

Here are three of mine.

For warming up the voice - available on Play Store & App Store

Beginner guitar chord finder - available on Play Store & App Store

A simple pitch pipe app - only on android


Side note: Working on these music/audio apps, I feel that it would be super awesome for GS if it had the ability to use expression editor in the play sound/music behavior. But it's okay, working on everything else was easy still.


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