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Retrieve project from iOS viewer app?

Ok, so I've had a fairly major project corruption (High Sierra, Creator 1.25.88). Basically this is what happened:

1 - Made a copy of my Initial Scene (as a kind of in-project backup)
2- Spent hours making changes to original version of Initial Scene
3 - Deleted the copy of Initial Scene (when I was satisfied that I wouldn't need the backup anymore)

Then what happened was really weird, the Initial Scene I had been working on reverted to a corrupted version of the backup version that I had just deleted (all of my changes gone, plus missing/older versions of actors).

Now, even worse, I reloaded the project and the corruption was still there.

I then opened up all of my backup saves from the past few days (stupidly, without restarting GameSalad) and found ALL of my backups now have the Initial Scene corruption.

Now, even after reboot and restarting game salad, ALL of my backups now have a corrupted Initial Scene! (I only loaded them, and never saved any changes).

My one hope is that I have a perfectly functioning version of the project copied in to the iOS viewer on an iPhone.

Has anybody had any luck retrieving a project back out of the viewer?


  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,301Member

    Have you ever built ad-hoc versions, uploaded to the Publishing Portal?

  • awesome_wellsawesome_wells Posts: 37Member

    Unfortunately not @pHghost , I didn't get as far as publishing. I might try seeing if I can use a file explorer to grab out of iOS viewer.

    No idea if the project file is stored in a usable form on iPhone though.

    GameSalad can be a ruthless teacher!

  • awesome_wellsawesome_wells Posts: 37Member
    edited February 2018


    I used iMazing to extract the GameSalad Viewer app to my Mac from the iPhone. Then I could explore the Documents/stored_games folder of the backed up GameSalad Viewer and pull out my project.

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,301Member

    Congrats! Always great to successfully restore something thought to be lost!

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