Errors showing that don't exist in other vesions

Just tried using the online version to get around a limitation with the windows version.
The same project works fine in both the Apple version and the PC version, but when opened in the online version I get errors.
I was asked to change a couple interpolate values from a negative to a positive and there was an another expression that seemed to have a blank space at the end. No change edit made to the expression but when entered and then closed the error disappeared.
Once all the "errors" were cleared up the preview was able to run - but the logic in the game no longer functioned properly. Not sure if this is due to the 'fixed errors' or if there are other issues I need to take into account.

Are there differences in the way a game needs to be coded in the online version?

Also, I could not find the game level attributes, not a problem at this stage as I don't intend to continue with the online version at present, but would be interested to know where they are shown?


  • scottwoodscottwood Member, PRO Posts: 68

    The game (which works fine when previewed on the desktop) suffers the same logic problems when published to html5 from Mac version then viewed on Wordpress.
    Any ideas on how to resolve this ?

  • scottwoodscottwood Member, PRO Posts: 68

    Now discovered that the same game works when viewed on the wordpress site via an ipad.

    There are finishing touches I need to work on, but the problem of interest relates to the touch event being processed differently on different platforms.

    This is my first game and I naively assumed that touching an actor would give the same output on each platform. Silly me...

    Just a guess, but the problem platforms seem to respond to the touch event repeatedly, not just once.

    Any ideas why the desktop preview and the html5 version viewed on an ipad both work OK, but the other platforms misbehave?

    Or how I might go about tracing and resolving the problem?

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