"Network Send Table To URL" Behavior - Appformative Instructions

I'm attempting to implement Appformative, and am stuck on step 5 of the setup process; "Now we are going to drag a "Network Send Table To URL" Behavior into the Timer." however in GS there is no such behavior... Please Advise!


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    Hi @rainwaterstudios

    welcome to the AppFormative family :)

    To make the networking behaviors visible in Creator, do the following (as mentioned in Step 2 in the instructions you linked):

    • On Mac, go to the "Home / Project Info" tab, and under "Multiplayer" select "My Own Server".
      The Networking behaviors are now visible under the behaviors panel, under the "Network" tab.

    • On Windows, go to "File / Networking" and select "My Own Server" in the Networking Selection popup.
      The Networking behaviors will now be included in the usual list of behaviors.

    • Under the new HTML5 Creator, the Networking behaviors are not yet available, but in the pipeline according to the devs.

    Have fun!

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