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Town building game

I made a game in which you build houses that supply labor the labor can then be used for pubs or factories I named it Wisconsin simulator because all the houses pubs and factories reminded me of my town in Wisconsin


  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 460Member

    @Geordiestrand There are Ads over the top of labels. Also, I don't really understand. Is there more than building and collecting the money the buildings produce? I was placing the three types house/pub/factory and couldn't seem to do anything else.

    Also, the buildings shouldn't be placeable behind the selector buttons. That makes everything look weird and not function correctly. I think I somehow placed a house and a pub on top of each other at the same time and they were forever locked together.

    I see a white rectangle on the bottom. Can't tell if it supposed to be an Ad or if just the top banner is the only Ad. Needs work.

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