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World War Weird announcement on Google play store

Class based side scroller war game with Cows,Wizards,Plants, and Engineers each has there own play style strengths and Weaknesses. Cows have cheap high hp base unit that can be backed up by the more expensive cow with a gun and be healed by grass, Wizards have a cost effective fireball wizard that needs to be defended by ice storms and golems from the more expensive geomancer, Plants have a very expensive and plant monster but you can defend your self with trees and farm money with tomato patches, Engineers place down turrets and the chemical engineer can add chemicals to the turrets so that they poison enemies or heal allies. 2V2 makes this very interesting with various combinations of classes fighting each other


  • stragstrag Posts: 542Member, PRO

    Imagine a war that has been going for 5 million years between 3 races that spread across the whole universe and 3 parallel dimensions, Humans, the Undead and the Cows struggle for total power. the Human fleet consists of 50,000 mother ships the size of our sun, 200 million cruisers 5 times bigger then Jupiter, each cruiser has 100 battle ships the size of earths moon, and each battle ship has 80 billion fighters the size of a 2 door car, and each fighter has 2 Cows in it.
    Basically...I don't like it...I love it! ;)

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