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【Help】How to let timer closer and faster than last time?

WeiyuWeiyu Posts: 201Member, PRO
edited March 2 in Working with GS (Mac)

Hello everyone, I meet a problem that is about timer behavior.

I want to make a machine gun, and every 3 seconds passed, frequency will closer and faster than last time.

----------------------This is my behavior----------------------

  • real attribute:"faster"="2"

  • Every "faster.real" seconds

  • Spawn ""

  • Attribute "faster.real" > "0.5"

  • Change Attribute "faster.real" to "faster.real-0.1"

But my machin gun's frequency not change.
it still shoot every 2 seconds.
I don't know why it can't closer and faster than last time.

Please tell me how to solve this problem, thank you.


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