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Point and click basics?

johnsheerin215johnsheerin215 Posts: 20Member, BASIC

Have an actor who I can move over four separate sections of a map, each section its own actor. Need three sections, when selected, to lead to the same scene, and one section if selected leading to a different scene. Would go like this:

  1. I use keyboard arrows to move the pointer actor over top any one of three sections of the map (vector images/standalone actors) and when spacebar is pressed, jump to scene A.

  2. I use keyboard arrows to move pointer actor overtop one specific section of the map (a vector image/standalone actor) and when spacebar is pressed, jump to scene B.

I tried creating a Rule for each map section actor with a version of the following, but isn't working:

Actor receives event > overlaps or collides > actor of type > pointer
Actor receives event > key > space[bar] > down

But I can't get the Change Scene command to link up to these, nor can I get the program to detect I'm hovering/clicking via the spacebar.


Thanks for any time you can spare to help.

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