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iPhone X...

I don't build "games" as much as I build simple single screen apps with Gamesalad.... In the past I've build my iOS Universal Apps using the iPad Portrait template with Overscan. As long as all my buttons and kept in the center of the screen everything works well... Some devices have a little more empty space on the sides, some have less.

Has anything changed with the iPhone X? How are those little notch things handled? I was planning to put a banner ad at the TOP of the screen, but will that not be allowed? Or will apps just extend up to the bottom of the notch and leave the ears empty? - Apps for Parents and Kids


  • TomCoffeeTomCoffee Posts: 175Member, PRO

    Now that I really think about this, how can ANY GameSalad game use Admob anymore if it only places the banner at the absolute TOP or BOTTOM of the screen, when both areas are outside the “safe zone” for banner ads? Hmmm... so no more banner ads? - Apps for Parents and Kids

  • DaddyMagicDaddyMagic Posts: 34Member

    Give it up they are never going to make GS iPhone X compatible, they only know how to completely destroy what could have been one of the greatest games engines of all time, step aside and listen to the toilet flush.....

  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,604Member, PRO

    @DaddyMagic In most cases GS works fine with iPhone X. You seem to have a massive bee in your bonnet, though. If you hate GS so much, why are you constantly on the forums? Are you being paid by a competitor or something?

    The majority of the issues people spend a lot of time complaining about are either really fairly new ones - like the changes to the ad networks, one that don't affect everyone and seem to mainly affect a subset of users - like the touches on edges, and ones that aren't really as big an issue as some people like to make out - like the iPhone X. All have been acknowledged and are being worked on.

    I've been a massive critic of GS at times in the past, and have never had a problem holding their feet to the fire, but I really don't get the hate right now.

  • TomCoffeeTomCoffee Posts: 175Member, PRO

    Sooo... You think they ARE working on a fix that would allow for custom placement of banner ads in iOS?

    This iPhone X/banner ad thing has essentially shut down my app business. I've had to remove ads to stay compliant with adwords (banner ads at the absolute top and bottom of the iPhone x screens are not allowed...I think), which means my income from apps has gone from $500 a month to.... about $5 a month. That's pretty lousy for me, but also a compelling case for me to stop using GS...

    Anyone from GS want to comment? Is placement of banner ads being modified? Looked at? - Apps for Parents and Kids

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,282Member

    @TomCoffee said:
    This iPhone X/banner ad thing has essentially shut down my app business.

    Have you updated your apps recently? As far as I am aware, this issue was sorted months ago.

  • TomCoffeeTomCoffee Posts: 175Member, PRO

    I got a nasty email from Google about it... Are you saying banner ads are actually NOT placed at the absolute top and bottom of the iPhone X screen? I was under the impression the problem was that my ads were appearing outside the iPhone X "safe" zone...

    Here are two articles about it:

    Like I said, I'm using overscan with an iPad template to make my iOS apps universal. I just keep everything in the center of the screen and it works out well (overscan cuts off the sides)...

    If I had control over the exact location of banner ads I'm guessing I could pull them off the top and bottom margin and make them compatible... - Apps for Parents and Kids

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,282Member

    @TomCoffee -- when did you get the nasty email? And when was the last time you updated the app the nasty email was about? GameSalad updated their AdMob API a couple months back, which adapts the banner position on iPhone X.

    I have apps with top banners in the App Store and haven't received any nasty emails from Google about any of them.

    The version it was fixed on was GS Creator 1.25.84, released on January 3rd:

    So, if you haven't updated since then, or aren't using an up-to-date Creator, you can hardly blame the GameSalad team for this. If you are on the latest version and updated since January 3rd, get in touch with the GameSalad team through the blue bubble and I'm sure they will try to look into it for you.

  • TomCoffeeTomCoffee Posts: 175Member, PRO

    @phghost: I received the nasty email about a week ago. I don't have an iPhone X (or even KNOW anyone with an iPhone X) to test it myself. I thought I had updated my app in early January, but looking back I realize I may not have...

    Let me go back and run through the process again. The email from Admob is vague and there's no absolute way to contact them for more information. It's a banner ad on the bottom of the screen, so maybe they don't like that? Maybe the banner ad has to be at the top?

    Thank you! I'll investigate further.... - Apps for Parents and Kids

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