App name localization?

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Suppose I have an app called "Orange" in English that's localized in Spanish

and I want the name of my app (under the app icon) to be "Naranja" (meaning Orange in Spanish)

Is there a way to do this?

Or am I confined with only the English name?


  • BinnyBinny Seoul, KoreaMember, PRO Posts: 37

    I have also same question.

    App name can be localized to edit info.plist & infoplist.string in X-code.

    Can't open Gsproject file in X-code, so I think edit direclty info.plist(in yourapp file) & infoplist.string(make new)? But i don't know editing how. Is it possible?

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    This is not a normal method, but it seems to be fine for execution.(iOS)

    After the build, copy attached file(en.lproj, de.lproj) to inside of your app file.
    (in the path where info.plist)
    and fix to CFBundleDisplayName = "your app name" ; in infoplist.string file.

    You can create folders (language code:en,de,ru...) in this format and add them.
    and, test.

    *Create x-code projectfile, and localize, you will get this file.
    *Add or modified key of info.plist occurre error. (I don't know why)

  • BinnyBinny Seoul, KoreaMember, PRO Posts: 37

    It seem to be fine in sandbox, but upload was failed in application loader for testflight. :(

  • BinnyBinny Seoul, KoreaMember, PRO Posts: 37

    I can see from GS forums, Apple development document page, modifying or adding data after building seems to be hack, so that it makes a differences in version.
    It causing a problems in sandbox test or uploading to the App Store.

    It was natural, but I realized it now.
    "Export Compliance(Encryption), App name localization should be proceed before build."

    Is there any other way?

  • BinnyBinny Seoul, KoreaMember, PRO Posts: 37

    Report results :

    1. The encryption part is replaced by a question when submitting.

    2. The app name (at the bottom of the icon) is in English, and the name of the App Store is localized name+(English).

    I was able to submit without exception. I hope this is a reference to your work.

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