Unpause not working

I have a scene with an actor and if you press the actor, the game pauses and a pop-up appears. If you press the pop-up, the game should unpause - but nothing happens.

Here's what I got.

Actor 1:
When touch is pressed
Pause game to scene
Spawn actor Pop-up

Actor 2 (pop-up):
When touch is pressed
Unpause game
Destroy actor

Do you see anything that might mess it up for me?


  • jamie_cjamie_c ImagineLabs.rocks Member, BASIC Posts: 5,670
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    The Pause Game Behavior works by stopping the current scene and placing a new scene 'on top of' the current scene. You shouldn't need to spawn or destroy any actors on your pause scene. You can place the actors you want in your pause scene and then when you un-pause the game, that whole pause scene is removed automatically and you are returned to the previous scene.

    The pause scene is literally placed on top of the current game scene, so if you were to fill the pause scene with 50% black, you would still see the paused game scene under your pause scene actors.

  • emblastenstrom@gmail.comemblastenstrom@gmail.com Member Posts: 6
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    Thanks, I'll try to work something out!

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