MIDI to keyboard press not working?

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Hi all,

I posted this in Working with GS (Mac) but didn't receive any bites, so it may do better in the tech support section. Sorry for double posting but I probably just put it in the wrong spot the first time.... In saying that, I am running OSX 10.10.5 and latest version of GS.

I've read that technically GS can't be used with MIDI devices, but I'm not sure why it wouldn't work on-screen with an external program that sends MIDI to keyboard commands?....

I have a small program that converts midi notes into keyboard commands. It works perfectly well for pressing keyboard buttons in Word, in a browser like Chrome, etc etc, as it works with whatever program is in the foreground on-screen. However it doesn't seem to work at all for something created in GS (so far tested in .app format, on arcade in Chrome, both previews, etc). So I'm wondering why this keyboard command program can override my keyboard in other programs but not in GS or the .app.

Is this because key presses in GS are picked up somehow 'differently' to how they are in something like Word? If so, how does the keyboard press command work in GS? Is there just something about the code that doesn't support it? (I'm not a programmer, otherwise I might already know the answer to this!).

In terms of what I am using to test, it is simply a set of boxes that will display 'hello world' for 5 seconds depending on the keyboard press. This feels like a foolproof way, as even though the key press might only be a split second, it will still display for a good amount of time. I'm wondering whether it feels as though the button hasn't been pressed 'hard enough' but that doesn't seem to make sense.


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