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I wanted to know why you cut off the ability to publish using previous beta versions after something like two weeks of a new beta version coming out. Why do you force us developers to upgrade? Can your system not handle developers publishing using previous versions of GS? It seems that it works for at least two weeks or so. Why not leave the ability to publish using all previous versions?

0.8.7 was the best for me but when it came time to publish for the app store I was forced to upgrade to 0.8.9 in order to publish and now with this new version my load times have nearly doubled.

And with the forced upgrade to 0.8.9 I lost the ability to use the viewer because I have not upgraded to the latest SDK. And without the latest SDK I can't build the latest viewer because it requires iAd and other new features that I as a NON-PRO user can't even use. If you did not force upgrade this would not be an issue either.

If a developer is happy with 0.8.7 why block it? I don't upgrade every other piece of software everytime a new version comes out. Especially if the new version has bugs and does not work as well as a previous version. Same goes with system updates from Apple.

If a developer starts a big project with a certain version of the GS software it seems reasonable that they should be able to finish using that version of the software. And if they choose to upgrade because of some great new feature it should be a choice, not forced like it is now.

I'd rather stick with one version throughout the development cycle of a game instead of trying to figure out what broke because a new version came out that I didn't really need. That said, if some great new feature did come out I might upgrade to take advantage of it and squash all the associated bugs of upgrading. But as it stands, I'm not happy about the forced upgrade like you have now.

Please respond.


  • FranzKellerFranzKeller Member Posts: 517
    This is probably partially to do with Apple's insistence on always using the newest SDK?
    They are insistent in uniformity as much as possible in the app process

    I had to upgrade my OS in order to use it also, but oh well.

    If making games was easy, everyone would do it? ;-) We've got to "jump through hoops"
    a bit to get our power ups so to speak
  • A3MGA3MG Member Posts: 152
    I'm still using the older Apple SDK, just not using the GS viewer. If GS didn't force me to upgrade I'd still be fine.
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    I assume the server side tasks that gendai do will need to work perfectly with the project files created on GS. Every time they update the version we use they have to update the server to work with it. It could be that the way certain events and actions are compiled are completely different in new versions. I guess the 2 weeks grace period is to look for serious problems before removing that version from the server. To support all the other versions is not really going to be possible long term. Also it is a technical support issue as well, any software company wouldn't want to have users on a huge variety of old versions (especially during a beta period). I agree it is frustrating when it comes to things like increased loading times.

    why would you not want to keep up to date with the latest apple sdk as well?
  • A3MGA3MG Member Posts: 152
    I just don't like to have to change everything mid development cycle. Apple is not forcing me to upgrade this second. I will, just not when everything is working well and I'm in the middle of something.
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