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my native preview is not working

abzibkoffabzibkoff Posts: 27Member, PRO

Hi All,

I'm new here. Just started my first game and my native preview doesn't work. It shows a black screen when I try
to do an animation. I'm on a windows version. I tried to do this same animation on the trial version of gamesalad
and it worked fine. Please let me know.



  • Cutscene EntertainmentCutscene Entertainment Posts: 131Member, PRO

    Hey there and welcome!
    If you have an issue that serious, it would be best to either upload a screenshot of your code or the game itself right here in this chat. That way we can all have a look and see if we can help you out.

  • abzibkoffabzibkoff Posts: 27Member, PRO

    Hi, My problem isn't really visible on a screen shot. I Created two scenes and when I try to preview the second one it only shows the first. They are not linked yet I just want to preview them separately. I am using and an IPhone 6 platform. I attached the animation that only works when I deleted scene1. Not sure why that makes a difference but I can only do one scene at a time in each project.

  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 436Member, PRO

    @abzibkoff How are you animating? Are you using an animation behavior or other logic? How many different frames are you showing? What FPS?

    You can click the switch in the Preview View to toggle the scene selector on the bottom. If you double click a scene from there you can preview any scene.

  • abzibkoffabzibkoff Posts: 27Member, PRO

    I used the animation behavior. I tried what you suggested. Thank you!

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