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Click Clack Bang Bang! - NOW AVAILABLE

CCBBCCBB Posts: 19Member, PRO

Click Clack Bang Bang!

Now available (FREE download) for iPhone & iPad on the App Store...

Finger-tapping carnival gun-blasting action... a hint of the wild west fused seamlessly with cute rubber ducks!

All comments welcome :)


  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 436Member, PRO

    @CCBB Shiny artwork, satisfying sound fx (I especially like the button clicks), fitting background music, enjoyable pace, & neat loading wheel. I like the various play modes although in the beginning (very first play through) when you're showing the tutorial tips I would pause the objects flying onto the screen.

    I was trying to read but was distracted and rushed by the game continuing on. I felt like I was right away missing gameplay and getting behind. Just didn't feel like a satisfying start. Of course it doesn't matter much because I can always start over but it made for a not enjoyable introduction to the gameplay.

    Otherwise, I think the menus are polished. I like the bright color palette. Good work getting it out there!

  • CCBBCCBB Posts: 19Member, PRO

    Many thanks Rowdy, I really apppreciate you taking the time to check it out and provide feedback :)

  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 436Member, PRO

    @CCBB Oh, and I totally forgot to say Runs greats on my iPhone SE :)

  • CCBBCCBB Posts: 19Member, PRO

    Does anyone have any advice on marketing? Anyone use a publisher or have any experience in this area?

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