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Ready Player One - Meet Grandpa's VCR

opie2k1opie2k1 Posts: 34Member, PRO

Grandpa’s VCR, a new mobile game, allows players to enter the Ready Player One world and play through challenges to win a big prize. It's a massive treasure hunt of Goonies proportions and homage to the 1980s and 1990s, my formative years.

In Grandpa’s VCR, single players and teams will race around the virtual globe to find clues that will ferry them to a grand finale. Clues traverse the entire digital realm from websites and apps to e-books and software.

Sadly, while I can’t give away ownership of the entire internet as they did in RP1, I can do the next best thing: a CASH prize that will build swiftly as more people join the hunt. The prize is already up to $500 and swiftly rising.

And it all starts with the Grandpa’s VCR mobile phone app, made with GameSalad!

Release date: 5/4/18

Want to know more? Visit or read about the game on

Three Easter Eggs have already been released. Can you find them?

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