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Purchase Table Additional Row?

abuabed84abuabed84 Posts: 464Member, PRO

I noticed when I update my game, new rows do not appear for people who updated the game.
I want to add new items to my purchase table, but if the new row doesn't appear there will be a problem.

Is this issue only with tables that are saved?, or is it for all tables?


  • BinnyBinny Seoul, KoreaPosts: 19Member, PRO

    It is issue only with tables that are saved.

    If tableRowCount(PurchaseTable) is 5,
    make a NewPurchaseTable with Row you want(more 5)

    in Game start
    tableRowCount(PurchaseTable)<= 5
    1. copy table from NewPurchaseTable to PurchaseTable (if it add many rows)
    2. or add Row(if it add 1,2.. row)

  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,604Member, PRO

    Why are you saving the purchase table?

  • abuabed84abuabed84 Posts: 464Member, PRO

    @Armelline said:
    Why are you saving the purchase table?

    I'm not, so I guess it won't be an issue

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