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GSLearn(.com) is back!

Two.ETwo.E Posts: 568Member, BASIC
edited May 2018 in Introductions

Hello Community,

After a few months break, and a continuous flow of request, is now back up and running! And it's slowly transforming to a learning resources Hub, rather than a marketplace. So lets kick things off with:

Long Lines is now 100% free on GSLearn. I have been busy creating some more quality, free templates to share. While I polish these off, I will be slowing making some paid templates free.

This will be the thread to update on free templates that have been added. Look forward to sharing some more cool ideas and mechanism, with many involving tables and grids :)

Previously, I tried to get a few different ideas out as quick as possible to give a variety of ideas. Now that there are quite a few, the next step is to re-look at some of these, and turn them into better building blocks for developing a game. This means that some release are re-makes of older versions, mixed with completely new ones, but hopefully significant better to help, especially students who find it difficult to learn so much in a limited time frame.

Thanks again,



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