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My Actor does not get destroyed

abzibkoffabzibkoff Posts: 27Member, PRO

My ninja instead of getting destroyed just gets up and keeps going! I set into animation a falling sequence after the actor collides with another character set on a timer. I added the destroy behavior using another after timer and he gets destroyed but loses the animation. I then moved it inside the previous timer that set up the animation and he does not get destroyed. Any suggestions? .


  • mikejamesfishermikejamesfisher Posts: 46Member, BASIC

    Is the ninja still touching the thing that killed him?

  • abzibkoffabzibkoff Posts: 27Member, PRO

    in this picture yes. but he just gets up and keeps going.

  • abzibkoffabzibkoff Posts: 27Member, PRO

    figured it out! To long on the timer!! Duuh!

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