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Weird issue with DisplayText behaviour?

JapsterJapster Posts: 642Member, PRO

Hi guys - I have a help/credits scene in my latest game, and it works PERFECTLY on the previewer.

However, when I uploaded to iTunesConnect, and pulled it across to the device, all I got were huge blocks of jet black. No actor image, no text, literally one huge block of black, at the correct depth meant for the text.

After tearing my hair out for a day or so, and thinking it was table / corruption, fonts, etc... I finally figured out why it was happening, after trying loads of stuff. Strangely enough, it seems to be GS taking offence to a particular combination of characters in one of my strings (pulled from a table)...

It simply started with "- - - - - - - - - " etc... used as a horizontal splitter for some text.

Anyway, I had to remove this bit of the string, keeping the rest of the string, including the "\n" line breaks, and it now works perfectly...

Not sure why it treated the entire same real estate normally used to display text as a black monolith, but if you get weird quirks like this with DisplayText, hopefully this heads-up on first checking will save your sanity... :smile:

On an additional note, I'd like a proper fix from GS if possible, as this is just one example of something I've had to remove/alter negatively to work around it, and now I'm concerned about what else might throw up a quirk, in terms of string content. :wink:


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