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Do I need an Apple Developer's License to just play my game on my iPhone?

JazzCreatorJazzCreator Posts: 4Member, PRO

I made an Apple Developer's account but did not join their program where you pay $99 per year. I would like to put my game on my iPhone to play and upload it to TestFlight to share with publishers. I have no intentions of distributing my game through the App Store at the moment, but do I still need an Apple Developer's License to just do the things mentioned before? If not, how can I put my game on my iPhone, because I am struggling with this. Thanks!


  • AdrenalineAdrenaline Posts: 523Member

    If you download the GS Viewer app on your iPhone, you can use the preview feature in Creator to test your app on your device. Just do it once, and you can access it again in the Viewer app even when not connected to Creator. This could be good enough for your needs.

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