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Check out my First released App/Game!!

Something that I hope to make great for the parents out there. This app is for Toddlers and Pre-K. Currently only on Google Play, Please help me and check out, Toddler MyPhone! Just released about a week ago for the first time and I feel its coming along really well! Especially it being my first official app, I feel pretty proud! If you think that it looks good so far, also please support your fellow gamesalad member and leave a nice review on the app store page. As always thanks for the support. If you would like to leave your app for me to support and check out as well, I would love to! I currently only have android devices though. Below are a few screenshots. Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing your guys' thoughts!


  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 454Member

    @[email protected] Very nice art! Grats on first release, looks fantastic.

  • Game On InteractiveGame On Interactive Posts: 37Member, PRO

    @RowdyPants said:
    @[email protected] Very nice art! Grats on first release, looks fantastic.

    Thank you a ton! I have 2 daughters that I originally made it for, the absolutely love it! Does anyone have tips/advice on how to get more downloads? Like it is a free app with no ads, you would think that would give people a look, but I'm not too sure on what exactly to do lol. Thanks in advance!

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