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Animations & Special Effects Repository?

So I have been trying to look a lot into cool animations for my game recently, to make it more lively. Searching across Google, I have not been so lucky to find much.
Animations in them self-are one thing as to giving a character walking animations or jumping, those are easy things. What I am interested in that is not seen too often are the "special effects" stuff. I have come across a small handful of Menu style tutorials such as wheel rotation or a menu that bounces in. I would love to see more of this type of work. Things from when you go into a bonus, a star explosion may come across the screen. Or something like still images that appear to be "breathing" that is probably as simple as changing the actor's size repeatedly.
A lot of things I've found that seem really great on youtube when I'm lucky, most of the time end up broken links, so can't actually buy the tutorial or download anything. Would love to see us build a board of working links or just cool downloads you guys in the community may have come across or built yourself before. Thank you!


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