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  • JapsterJapster Posts: 672Member
    edited June 2018

    Looks good @freneticz ! - Just a suggestion though? - You know your brown blocks etc? - I'm assuming that they're obstacles - Have you thought about maybe having identical actors below them (or even replicating themselves, but a copy below, with full black colour, some degree of transparency would probably work best)), replicating either straight down, or maybe diagonally down and right (say, 10-20 replications, 1 or 2 pixels apart, for example, to create a shadow or pseudo 3D effect? - there's very, very little performance hit doing it this way, and it might give your levels some sense of depth/height, other than the sides? (you probably know all about these anyway, so my apologies if you already thought of it and dismissed the idea... :wink: )

    Here are 2 examples of the pseudo 3D effect(s) I mean, as it's hard to explain properly I guess! - Both easily achievable using a couple of lines/behaviours?:-

    i.e - one replicate behaviour:-

    ...or the simple 'floating' shadow effect, but not as effective at portraying solid 'sides':-

    Like I say, just a suggestion! - it may not even be a style you might want, but thought I'd mention it! :smile:

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