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CRAZY attribute bug!

stan_mcginnisstan_mcginnis Posts: 17Member, BASIC
edited June 2018 in Working with GS (Mac)

IN my platformer game, I added one of my game variables, called game.Move Floor Posy to a condition in a rule in my main character. The rule looked like this: Attribute Self.Position.Y<game.Move Floor Posy+25. After testing it, I realized I did not need the 25. When I went to delete it, I somehow deleted a space in the name of my GAME variable!_It now looked like this: Attribute Self.Position.Y<game.Move FloorPosy+25, but when viewing the attribute in the Game tab of a scene, the space was still there. This loss of a space completely broke my game. Scenes were randomly changing size, actors were flying everywhere, and it was super laggy, even though the rule wasn't even running.

I assume this is because Gamesalad was repeatedly trying to check if Attribute Self.Position.Y was less than game.Move FloorPosy+25 but couldn't because game.Move FloorPosy didn't exist. Has anyone else experienced this glitch?

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