Feedback (Essential additions)

Sorry for putting this under miscellaneous. Feedback isn’t a selectable option (for some reason). Anyway I thought of two things that Gamesalad could benefit from really well.

  1. Snapping at edges: this a feature I think I lot of paint applications use (well at least the one I use). For anyone confused when the X, Y, or the edges are lined up a line will apear and the asset will “snap” (in a way) signaling that the X, Y, or the edges respectively are lined up. As someone who gets really OCD about having exact placement of actors and someone who is attempting to make a big project with Gamesalad I really hope this’ll be a feature.

  2. Am undo and redo button (for actor behaviors): this is definitely something that MUST be added in the future. Especially since if you click delete on a behavior/rule/group there isn’t a “are you sure? message. Even then if there was one might carelessly click yes and have a massive group or rule gone with no way to bring it back, furthermore the interface would really do well with an undo/redo button.

I hope these things are put into to consideration. Thank you.


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