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Does publishing to HTML work?

Simple Gamer ArtsSimple Gamer Arts Posts: 244Member, PRO
edited July 9 in Working with GS (Mac)

Does publishing to HTML work?

I've tried with several of my games and my games come out having a bunch of glitches that are non-existant in Iphone and Android versions.


  • adent42adent42 Posts: 1,189Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    You will have to work around the glitches, unfortunately. At least until we have some time to fix things. Some are real bugs and some are an unfortunate side effect of HTML5 being less performant for our purposes (mostly related to box2d or rendering text).

    If you could PM me example projects and an explanation of the glitches, I could take a look and see if they are things we are looking fix or just inherit in the HTML5 engine.

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