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Doodle Pong? OMG! / Fire Tv, Google Play and IOS

Tumblecoin Game StudiosTumblecoin Game Studios Posts: 25Member
edited July 2018 in Announce Your Game!

Hello Everyone!

Just back from the kitchen and here it is!

New Game, Doodle Pong!

It was a normal day at school, teachers were talking, classes were passing, the homework’s were accumulating, exams were around the corner and Johnny was ignoring all of that! THERE IS NO TIME TO BE SLEEPING!

Don´t let the objects ruin your exam! Help Johnny to beat them! Score as high as you can!

* 15 objects to unlock

* 30 waves to play

* Endless Fun

* 3 Power Ups to unlock

Download Links:

Get it on Google Play




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