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Admob not working

Hi, is anyone else having trouble id with Admob banner ads? It was working perhaps 2 weeks ago, but now it is not.

I'v checked up and down and even did the TIMER: after .3 seconds trick... still no ads (on google play store)

Any solutions?


  • JapsterJapster Posts: 657Member

    Seems to be working for me consistently, on my current release installation for iOS, but that was built about 2 weeks ago now, so while it proves that Admob is working okay for me, there's still a possibility it might be the current publishing version, OR Admob limiting your ads?

    I think I've had all 3 happen to me throughout various points...

  • Simple Gamer ArtsSimple Gamer Arts Posts: 276Member, PRO
    edited July 2018

    Hey @Japster , it started working for me all of a sudden. I think there is a shortage of banner ads or something and aren't always available. I read that somewhere and they advice the game designer to work around the possibility that banner ads won't always show up.

  • spacesuitgamesspacesuitgames Posts: 1Member, PRO

    I’m having an issue similar to this. I have Admob banner ads set up in both google play and iOS. Along with Chartboost interstitial. They are working flawlessly on google play but I can’t get any to display on iOS. I’ve tried everything I can think of and I must be missing something. Can anyone help me out?

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