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Hi Everybody,
I am trying to fix an issue with in app purchases in a game that I created in Gamesalad. The first 3 levels of the game are free and then at the the end of the 3rd level the player is taken to a page with 2 buttons where they will be asked to "decline" or "buy" to unlock all the remaining levels. If they touch the "buy" button then the in-app purchase should begin. I've gotten through numerous tutorials and the purchase tables seem to be setup right but nothing happens when the player touches the "buy" button. Can somebody please help me with this? Any help would be much appreciated.
Here is an image url showing 4 screenshots of how the tables are currently setup.


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    I have no clue what's going on by looking at the image. I think you should also post image of the IAP code or the GS file for us to understand more :)
    Also i think your game should have an apple gamecenter platform login at the start of the game.

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