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Hi Guys / Gals

I recently launched a marketing business where I do work for a couple of major companies. While this keeps me pretty busy, i long decided that when I break out on my own, I was going to spend some time in helping out my two passions - games and comics.

As such, i have started the AGi program (apps and games iniative) where i will choose some apps, games and services to help go to market stronger and get more traction - as marketing can be a hard game (excuse the pun)

You can read about it here if you so wish —> - and submit your game for consideration if you so wish

Or ask me any questions here or contact me on Linked In - my name is Henning Brazer. Feel free to check my credentials :)

What I will focus on is monetization, through ad support or billing, marketing, licensing and a few other bits and bobs - basically anything to help your game get more exposure.

I can’t promise i have all the answers / and I can’t promise will be able to help a lot - but I’ll definitely try

Let me know.

Ps, I’ll be hopping around Europe for the next 3 months and will attend the Prague affiliate conference if anyvody wants to meet up

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