How to get slow moving circle to bounce

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I posted this earlier but forgot to put it in question format.
In my game, there is a circle actor which bounces around the scene. There is no gravity, friction or drag in my game, and the only scripts in the actor are a Change Velocity and a Collide behavior to collide with the walls. The bounciness is set to 1, but whenever I set its velocity to 66 or under, it will not bounce!! It will just move along the walls until it reaches a corner and gets stuck. When I set its velocity to over 66 it works fine. Is there any way I can get it to go at a speed under 66 and still bounce?
Also, if it hits a vertical wall at an angle of between 45 and 90, it will not bounce at all, no matter what I set the bounciness to.

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    Actually Gamesalad uses Box2d for it's 2d physics engine. I just looked at the faqs/gotchas for some box2d documentation and it seems that there is indeed a threshold for minimum movement speed for a collision with restitution (bounciness). So it's just the way box2d comes configured.

    See the section "Why do very slow collisions cause no rebound?"

    Maybe it can be changed by GS staff, but it is possible it might cause problems.

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    @Alchimia Studios -- I always wondered why actors bounce poorly at slow speeds! It never occurred to me that it was a Box2D setting. Just in case GS staff ever want to address the issue, here is the critical sentence:

    In b2Settings.h you can change the default value (b2_velocityThreshold) for the minimum velocity to consider inelastic. Changing this to a much smaller value should not usually cause any problems.


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