Yet another "Good Bye" for gamesalad

BigCatBigCat Member, BASIC Posts: 19

I'm done with this product. I'm done giving money to a team that treats me like garbage. First there were the endless bugs and memory holes. Then an OS update renders GS useless for months - and they keep on taking my money. Today I try to use the product and your own SSL certificate is corrupted. But yet - no heads up. No warnings. Still taking my money for a product I can't use. Same old bullshit and same old lack of respect for customers.

If anyone needs me - I'll be off using one of the other game dev engines and feeling like a valued customer for a change.

I'm out.


  • JapsterJapster Member Posts: 672
    edited August 2018

    The mind still boggles.... I've got updates for Courier Chaos, but I plain cannot trust the current state of forums / product / publishing to actually produce anything, let alone anything that might work as expected...

    ...and certificates expiring? - for a company who lock their users into having to authenticate and require their site/portal to be available to even produce builds? - soooo, everything stops due to this, until it's fixed? - how do you forget to renew something so crucial to the business functionality and userbase?! - not impressed guys....

    I haven't a clue what's happening with the running of GS lately, as it was looking like progress was being made for once, but yep, I'm looking at the publishing issues, forum state, other issues, etc, and thinking, well, this looks impressive to potential interested parties, let alone those of us who can't even build...

    Here's hoping it's sorted out asap...

  • JapsterJapster Member Posts: 672

    Just saw @Adent's update - fair enough, we all make mistakes... :smile: At least it was rectified quickly!

  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick Posts: 9,048

    The SSL issue should be fixed, as @Japster already mentioned. :)
    Either way - we're sorry to see you go, but best wishes to you on your future endeavors.

  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 582

    i've gotta be honest, there has been a few times over the last 12 months where gamesalad has ticked me off, butthe gamesalad team has always responded and provided me with solutions (even work arounds) in very quick time.
    while there's been a few product issues, for the most part i've found their client service to be really high quality. my only criticism is that there are a couple of things in member communication they should be a little more proactive with, but overall, i've been happy.
    the ssl thing only just stuffed up yesterday, i contacted them, and when i woke up this morning, it was fixed.

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