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viewer not workin duly

fabio.pasculli79fabio.pasculli79 Posts: 34Member, PRO

i have aproblem , when i put tile in graphics to one actor and after i make test in viewer, in vewer i see it stertch... why?
i'm going creazy...



  • hybridhybrid Posts: 183Member

    inside the actor, in the graphic settings, at the bottom its tile width and tile height, check if the size there its the size of the original image, sometimes mine goes the same size of the actor and the tile is stretched

  • fabio.pasculli79fabio.pasculli79 Posts: 34Member, PRO

    Yes the size is the same of the original, height 667... if I put tile height and I make the actor eight 2000, in the creator I see the image repeating (tile) for all 2000h, wile I’m viewer I see it strach....

  • fabio.pasculli79fabio.pasculli79 Posts: 34Member, PRO

    any ideas?

  • CasualEvolutionCasualEvolution Posts: 434Member, PRO

    @Hi @fabio.pasculli79 I never use tile images, maybe is a bug and need report this or search in forum to see if others have had this problem, maybe it is something known?

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