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activate windows - switch to setting to activate windows

fabio.pasculli79fabio.pasculli79 Posts: 34Member, PRO

when i try to test the game in gs the sreen show instead of the game this: "activate windows - switch to setting to activate windows" in down right screen....
what dose it mean?


  • fabio.pasculli79fabio.pasculli79 Posts: 34Member, PRO

    i was wrong is not gs... is on my screen.... but why i cannos see the prewiew animore on my pc???

  • CasualEvolutionCasualEvolution Posts: 434Member, PRO

    Sorry I can't help you this time, I use Mac :smile:
    My recommendation is that you look for a Mac, you will need it when you publish to iOS and, from what I have heard, the PC version of GS has always been relegated respect to the Mac version.

  • fabio.pasculli79fabio.pasculli79 Posts: 34Member, PRO

    i see... tnks.. i have another question please.... i published one game "GRAVITY RUSH EXTREME" on anroid and ios, but appen that my IAP Button works very good on android wile on apple the IAP button do nothing, like it it only a picture without any code.... how is possible?

  • CasualEvolutionCasualEvolution Posts: 434Member, PRO

    Hi @fabio.pasculli79 I just downloaded your game and played it for a while, congratulations! has a nice gameplay, in line of "Geometry Dash", I try do the purchase and it does not work no.
    Have you correctly configured the purchase in itunnes? used the same id, etc?
    The iAPs works in the testing stage with testflight, my recommendation for the next one is to make sure that this works correctly before launching. You can work an update to fix the bug and verify that it works in testflight, before launching it :wink:

  • fabio.pasculli79fabio.pasculli79 Posts: 34Member, PRO

    tank you :)

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