Actor/instance deleted from scene, because Layers is open

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In the 10 second video below, you see how I select a Change Attribute while the Layers is open. Of course, the actor that contains this behavior is selected in Layers. When I want to delete this behavior (or any kind of rule, group, etc) it seems like it performs the actions for the open Layers tab, because it deletes the entire Actor/instance from the scene.
Alright, that's annoying, so I tried deleting stuff when another Tab was open, like Actors or Scenes and the strangest thing happens. Sometimes it deletes the actor/instance from the scene, like in the video below. But sometimes it doesn't! However, if Layers is open, it always deletes the actor... It doesn't matter whether a prototype or an instance is selected.
Granted, I have no significant knowledge of computers or coding (otherwise why use GameSalad, right ^^), but I've tried this numerous times, each time doing exactly the same. But the outcome is different, having a small bias towards deleting the actor. GS just can't stand my actors, it seems.

Anyway, I wonder why this is happening and whether it's a bug or if there's something I can do to make sure this doesn't happen. As you can imagine, it's kind of hard to use this program if you can't delete anything, when you started using it past July.


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    I'm not quite understanding the video. It looks like you had an actor selected and then you did something (pressed the delete key?) and it was deleted. I think I'm missing something because it doesn't appear that you selected a behavior.

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    I did select it, but in this video it's a little clearer. Keep an eye on the layers tab, once I've selected (and then pressed delete) the spawn actor behavior. Also, in the Backstage-tabs you see the instance disappearing.

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    It seems that when I select Background in Layers (or some other neutral bar), then go to Actors and edit rules/behaviors in the prototype it always let me do that, without problems. However, when an actor is selected on the scene, whether it's a prototype or an unlocked instance, it will delete it from the layers tab whenever i press delete within the actors code. So, I would think that the layers tab has some sort of priority over my Backstage tab when I press delete.
    That doesn't sound very logical to me, if the last mouse click prior to pressing delete, was a mouse click selecting something in the Backstage-section.
    Also, this means that if I want to create an instance, I'll have to test my code all the way through, until I know I won't have to delete anything, unless you can select an instance without the instance getting selected in the Layers tab as well. Or of course, I should stop making instances and make new actors for everything. That wouldn't even be too big a deal for now, but that's probably not what GS intended...

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