SOS defense on Amazon and a new opportunity for all us?

I received an email from Amazon... it seems that my game has generated a bit of interest :)

Congratulations on your recent feature for your game, SOS Defense.
Amazon just launched a new service, Amazon GameOn, that enables game developers to add competitions and tournaments to your games. In addition, the service provides developers the opportunity to deliver real world prizes with minimal effort. After evaluating SOS Defense, I think tournaments could be a super interesting feature to think about adding to the games. If your team has 30 min, I’d love to give an intro to the service, in addition to some marketing opportunities that we may have available for your games.

I explained to them that I do not have control over the engine, but maybe this represents an opportunity for the whole community and that gives us a differential to those who work with this engine.

Hi @adent42 I send you a PM, what do you think of this? according to Amazon people this could be integrated in less than a week.



  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 1,786

    Looks interesting. We'd be happy to talk with them!

  • hybridhybrid Member Posts: 183

    sounds cool!! hope its easy to implement!

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