A fun buisness proposition.

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I have a game project primarily just I am working on. A type of tower defence game. I have a good layout already. But, to program it will take ages to add all 40 or whatever levels, and to implement new troops and towerish things, etc. My proposition is this: you help program the logic and maybe artwork, and maybe sounds, whatever is necessary, and I will still be helping, in return for you receiving all proceeds from IOS, and you can publish using your own company or name or whatever. I receive the Android proceeds. Anyone remotely interested? I have many ideas written down on a peice of paper for the towerish things, and I can catch you up in no time I would think. Really good potential here guys. We will sign a contract so no worries. Anyone?
Could be fun for you! Imagine building your own levels. :grin:

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