ChartBoost - AdMob ads not loading in Testing or Live

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Aloha, I reached out to GS but still having Zero ads appearing from either ChartBoost in my iOS Five-20 game or AdMob in my Paws Up Word Jam game.

The appropriate boxes are checked.
The IDs and App ids from the advertisers are double verified.
The games are available on the App Store

When I test them or run them live neither of them populate Interstitial Ads.

Is anyone having these same issues? It has been a 2-3 days with most recent versions live,

I am using a counter attribute that changes the scene and allows for interstitial ad on 3 and then tested to make sure it changes scene, so its working up to that point, but still no interstitial ads pop up. Neither in a WIFI or Cellular connection.

I would love some suggestions. I don't want to start any marketing activities of any sort until I can verify they are running.

If anyone could download them and see if they do okay for you.... i believe they are only 18mb games so the will not eat up much memory, and please don't worry about deleting them, I dont want to take up your data on your phone. I'm just stumped.

Thanks again and have a great week
Hang Loose


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