Giving away my Catflap app source/project, for anyone interested....

Ps - it's NOT a Tutorial, but probably the best place to put it...

After fruitlessly trying to make even a few pennies with pretty much ANY apps, even including Parcel Monkey/Courier Chaos, and sinking a LOT of time and money into mobile app dev, I've come to the conclusion that mobile dev is probably not for me, and that I'm just not doing something right...

As such, if anyone wants it, here's my first complete, published app - the complete project. Feel free to use it to re-skin, pull apart, modify and maybe re-launch, I honestly don't care, as LONG AS the main character gfx are replaced to avoid App Store confusion and issues (and DEFINITELY replace the music track, as I was only given kind permission to use it in Catflap!) - Other that that, it's a DWTHYLWI (Do What The Heck You Like With It!) arrangement...

Yes, it might LOOK like Flappy Bird, etc, but there is a TONNE more going on - different modes (try Rush!), grazing the ground, getting Catflap's beachball close to the pipes, right up in the air, catching butterflies (he's a cat, after all!), hitting Rufus, and combo's for consecutive tricks (think ie. 5,7,6 one after another, gives you a run (5,6,7), or more than 10 points per trick, repeated, giving HUGE bonus points. Anyway, there's a LOT of logic in there... :wink:

A little more info, and some nice feedback at least, here:-

I'm guessing my fellow GS users could learn something from it, or maybe even get rich, ha ha! - but I warn you - the behaviours and logic in some of the areas (like tricks, etc) are complex and spaghetti-like... (It WAS my first learning exercise/app, in all fairness...)

Anyway, the usual applies - I'm not often on here nowadays, and I really can't afford the time to support it in terms of answering masses of questions, but I will try to answer a few from fellow GS'ers seriously trying to work with it. :smile:

PS - Unlike the App Store / Google Play previews, this runs SILKY smooth - if you're unsure as to how to affect the game / difficulty / local achievements and combo's etc, or wondering how my high scores tables are set etc, you'll find a LOT of tables in here - it's not for the faint-hearted, but I'm guessing more veteran GS'ers will get to grips with it, and no doubt laugh at my early (functional but scatty) code.... :wink:

All the best guys!

Den / Japster


  • ToqueToque Member Posts: 1,183
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    Japster I don’t think it’s your game but the market itself. Any return of investment with any mobile game is nearly impossible.

    Oversaturated and then some. It’s still fun and interesting but it wears on the soul after awhile.

    Even featured games can make no money. Remember Roll Turtle? Amazing game but ultimately failed financially.

    Lots of big name devolopers have been saying the same thing. Mobile is dead.

    Some have turned to steam. But that’s getting saturated now too and a tough battle there.

    A lot of work in that game. Very generous.

  • tatiangtatiang Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 11,927

    That's generous of you!

    no doubt laugh at my early (functional but scatty) code....

    I see what you did there. :)

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  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Member Posts: 461

    @Japster Very kind of you!

  • JapsterJapster Member Posts: 672
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    Thanks guys, and @Toque, I think you're right - I think it's probably only lucrative for making either AAA IAP hungry titles, or very simple, very quick games that have a small investment of time, and lots of them (scattergun approach) - I tend to make complex, ambitious ones just by my nature, so I think that you're right...

    @rowdypants @tatiang - Ha ha! - honestly, no pun intended, but have you taken a look in there? - frightening! ;)

    TBH, if GS had the much requested export and import tool, this would probably be far more useful, for ppl to pick out and use selected functionality (high scores, achievements, IAP's (although I based mine on @armelline 's excellent IAP tutorial project) etc - it's just a shame that there's still no easy way to import or export selected code/actors/etc.... :(

    I'm intrigued though - you guys CAN run this straight in your Creator okay, I take it?

    All the best!

  • JapsterJapster Member Posts: 672

    Weird... the Edit Post on my browser seems to have replied instead, after it initially posted without my pressing "Post".... ah well, you get the gist...

  • tatiangtatiang Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 11,927

    Yep, it ran just fine in Creator 1.25.94 for Mac.

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  • JapsterJapster Member Posts: 672

    @tatiang said:
    Yep, it ran just fine in Creator 1.25.94 for Mac.

    Thanks @tatiang ! - good to know mate! - I'd hate to be think something's happened that meant it didn't run/preview, and ruined the gesture.... :smile:

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